Money Market Reform - Overview

FIF is addressing the SEC's amendments to the rules that govern money market funds. The amendments are designed to address money market funds' susceptibility to heavy redemptions in times of stress, improve their ability to manage and mitigate potential contagion from such redemptions, and increase the transparency of their risks, while preserving, as much as possible, their benefits.


Jul 28, 2014: REG–107012–14 - Method of Accounting for Gains and Losses on Shares in Certain Money Market Funds; Broker Returns With Respect to Sales of Shares in Money Market Funds

Jul 23, 2014: 34-72658 - Notice of Proposed Exemptive Order Granting Permanent Exemptions Under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 from the Confirmation Requirements of Exchange Act Rule 10b-10 for Certain Money Market Funds; See also IC-31184 (Proposed Rule)